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The Loan Process


Our Goal is for you, as the home buyer, to have an enjoyable experience when it comes to securing a mortgage for your new home! This is a guide as to how the process works.

The entire process takes approximately 30-45 days. This can vary based on your loan program or any delays that come up with processing your application.

You will provide documentation such as bank statements, tax returns and pay check stubs so that we can determine which specific loan is best for you.
We will gather all the required documents from you and hand it over to your loan processor, who will verify everything. Your loan processor will address any concerns and request further documents if needed.
An initial approval may be subject to some conditions. Your credit has been approved at this point as long as the conditions are met. Conditions could include additional documents or verification.
Once all conditions are met, you will lock in your interest rate and receive final approval on your loan. Other than conditions that apply to Bond or USDA programs, you are ready to close!
Tell us about yourself and we can tell you what loan amount you may qualify for. This step is not an application, but rather a quick review of your information and credit report.
Once all the documents are received and verified, your processor will forward your file to an underwriter. They will review your file for approval and if anything is missing they will contact your loan processor to request additional items.
It's time to sign all your documents and make your home purchase a reality! The title company will have all of the documents and you will need to bring a cashier's check in the amount specified by RMG Mortgage, LLC to your closing.