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Animal Regulations

Dogs and cats four months and older are required to be inoculated for rabies by a licensed veterinarian and must be licensed by the City of St. Augustine or the City of St. Augustine Beach.  To report unleashed, stray, or possible rabid animals, call the St. Johns County Animal Control Pet Center at 904-209-6190.  To report other County violations, call Animal Control at 904-209-0746.

City Offices

St. Augustine City Hall, 904-825-1006

St. Augustine Beach City Hall, 904-471-2122

Hastings Town Hall, 904-692-1420 

County Offices

General Information, 904-206-0655 

Driver Licenses

Tax Collector's Office, 904-209-2250

New residents have 30 days to obtain a Florida driver license after accepting employment in Florida, enrolling children in a Florida public school or applying for the Florida Homestead Exemption Provision.


St. Johns County School District, 904-547-7500

Colleges and Universities


Florida Power and Light (FPL), 800-226-3545 - Services most of St. Johns County

Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA), 904-665-6000 - Services northern part of the county

City of Jacksonville Beaches Energy, 904-247-6241 - Services Ponte Vedra

Emergency Management

Emergency Operations Center (EOC), 904-824-5550

The St. Johns County Department of Emergency Management is responsible for the Disaster Preparedness of our County and the Evacuation Assistance Program for our citizens who need assistance in the event of an evacuation.

Fishing & Hunting Licenses

Tax Collector's Office, 904-209-2250

Licenses are required for fishing and hunting.  Complete information on hunting and fishing regulations is available from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission at 850-488-4676.


City of St. Augustine, 904-825-1040

City of St. Augustine Beach, 904-471-2122

SJC Solid Waste Management, 904-827-6980

Advanced Disposal (Southern St. Johns County), 904-827-1005

Seaboard Waste Systems (Northern St. Johns County), 904-825-0991

Also accepting recyclable materials are Tillman Ridge Transfer Station at 3005 Allen Nease Rd. and Stratton Road Transfer Station at 250 North Stratton Rd.

Natural Gas

TECO Peoples Gas, 877-832-6747


Beaches News Journal, 904-834-3185

Ponte Vedra Shorelines, 904-249-4947 ext. 6315

St. Augustine Record, 904-829-6562

St. Augustine Underground Newspaper, 904-285-8831 ext. 25

Public Health

St. Johns County Health Department, 904-825-5055

Services provided: Pediatric Primary Care; Immunizations; STD Testing and Treatment; HIV/AIDS Testing, Counseling and Case Management; Healthy Start Case Management; Family Planning and Pregnancy Testing; Prenatal Counseling and Case Management and Vital Statistics.  Complete Dental Care for qualified children ages 3-17 is also available. Some services are provided on a sliding fee scale.

Environmental Health Services, 904-825-2514

Rescue/Emergency Services (Non-Emergency Numbers)

In an emergency, dial 911.

St. Augustine Fire Department, 904-825-1098

St. Augustine Police Department, 904-825-1074

St. Johns County Fire Rescue, 904-209-1700

St. Johns County Sheriff's Office, 904-824-8304

Poison Control, 800-222-1222


Tax Collector's Office - 904-209-2250

The state of Florida does not impose a personal income tax.

The state sales tax is six percent.  In addition to the county tax structure, each municipality may also levy taxes and require business tax license fees and licenses.   

Property taxes fall under the Homestead Exemption Provision, please contact the Property Appraiser's Office at 904-827-5560 for information.

Local Business Tax Receipt (formerly known as Occupational License) fees are collected from most businesses, professionals, and enterprises.  Businesses located within the corporate limits of

  • St. Augustine - 904-825-1065
  • St. Augustine Beach - 904-471-2122
  • Hastings - 904-692-1420

must first get a license from that city.  After the city license is obtained, it must be taken to the Tax Collector's Office where the county license will be issued.  Locations outside the three corporate limits must receive approval from the County Planning & Zoning Department at 904-209-0675.  Professional and state regulated businesses must first obtain license from the State of Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation at 850-487-1395.  Contractors must obtain a county authorized license from the County Building Department at 904-827-6820. 


AT&T, 866-620-6000

Bitcom, 904-377-1661

Comcast, 800-266-2278

Deltacom, 904-861-6718

Windstream Communications (servicing the Hastings area), 386-364-2400


AT&T, 866-620-6000

Comcast, 800-266-2278

Vehicle & Vessel Registration

Tax Collector's Office, 904-209-2250

New residents of St. Johns County must register all motor vehicles immediately upon moving to the area (fees are based on vehicle weight).  Vessels with a motor are required to be registered (fees are based on vessel length).


Supervisor of Elections Office, 904-823-2238

New residents may register to vote in local, state and national elections immediately upon arriving in St. Johns County.  Registration must be completed 29 days prior to an election.  Persons 17 years old may pre-register and may vote if they turn 18 on or before Election Day.

Water & Sewer

City of St. Augustine Public Works Department, 904-825-1040 - Services areas within the St. Augustine city limits

St. Johns County Utility Department, 904-209-2700 - Services some areas outside the city limits

Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA), 904-665-6000 - Services northern part of the county

Hastings Water & Sewer Plant, 904-692-1520 - Services Hastings only

Many areas outside the city limits serviced by private companies.  For more information, contact the St. Johns County Utility Department at 904-209-2700.

* All of the above information is courtesy of the St. Johns County Chamber of Commerce website. Click here to view page >